about me


I am a musician living in King’s cross, London. I specialise in jazz vocal accompaniment also singing myself. Songs involve the interplay of so many aspects and I enjoy arranging and writing them. I also teach jazz, classical and pop piano. Piano and Hammond are my main instruments but I also play fretless acoustic bass and enjoy tinkering with guitar, flutes and whistles, etc

It was a wonderful surprise to find a Fazioli grand piano in Cafe Yukari next door to Kew Garden Station and started organising musical evenings evenings there including Jazz on the Faz which also invites guest pianists.

There’s an upright Knight piano to be found in the Charles I pub in King’s Cross and on the fourth Monday of the month three featured vocalists, a bass player and myself make music under the rubric Bob’s Jazz Mob.

The history of music theory holds a fascination and I have asked lutenist Michele Carreca to record the first compostion that sytematically took minor and major pieces through all twelve keys by the blind lutenist Gorzanis. We hope it will be released in the summer of 2020.

Visual art has long been an interest along with diagrams and the graphic presentation of ideas including transparent ways to write music.

Favorite topics in my libary are astronomy and calendrics. the harmonic series and instrument tuning, Epicurus, early Christianity, Constantine, Cellini, George IV, local history and the evolution of humans and speech. I am fascinated how words get “coined” – a beautiful image of a little thing of value that gets passed around the community.

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